16 December 2007



Don't know what to call this post , it's a mixed bag of all events and musings from the past week . Lets call it Pot potpourri , ok? Ok.

First of all , Altoid , Dad and I threw a party for the Pillpopper J , we called all her colleagues (her oldest colleagues from a little school near home to the ones from her new extremely corporate school) ..

PPP: “This is ridiculous, how will I ever host a party! I’ve never in all my life hosted one”

RM: “Well, I’ve never gotten married either, so shall I back out on that too?”

PPP: “Shut up! I won’t have a party!”

Altoid: “Black Forest cake and samosas? Or something southie?”

RM: “ yeah yeah …yum”

PPP : “ I will run away from home”

Altoid : “Ok , we’ll tell your friends you ran away and now they have to foot the bill”

1st December 6:PM:

The PPP is in a dark pink and gold saree socializing .. merrily(like a merry duck taking to water! Now I know where I got the Nautanki trait from)

PPP : “ Jhalak Dikhlaja? Oh yes we all love that show , I think sandhya rocks ! I’m glad you’re enjoying the party hehe .. some more cake? Altoid , do get some cake… Oh that table? It's a cradle that my mother in law gifted Altoid , I cut its legs and converted it into a low table .. no no she didn't live to see it , God bless her soul ..”

I’m glad Altoid threw that party for you PPP J.I’m glad you enjoyed cutting a cake and I’m sorry Altoid and I burst all the balloons , obviously we don't make very good event planners!

Now for a little snippet from what happened in Jaipur, it has significance to our current tale ..

PPP : “Wheres Appa”
Altoid: “He went into that emporium”
PPP: “To do what?”
RM: “Shake a leg, maybe?”
Altoid: “He’s buying one of those expensive table decorations”
Dad saunters into the car..

PPP: “Why must you waste money on table decorations, we have so many at home … then I need to scrub them with Peetambar powder …”
Stony silence ….

December 2nd dawns …
Dad(beaming) : “ Pillpopper , happy birthday and this is for you…:)
PPP: (Looks down at the wrapped table piece and for once has nothing to say..)

The week after that , PPP’s old college friends landed home to wish her and generally take off on an outing. PPP keeps telling us about her group at college -of starched cotton saris and neatly plaited hair , how life was about getting up at 4 AM to chant shlokas with her grandfather , of how she used to be his pet and how she used read Keats and Shakespeare to that almost blind old man.. It was nice to associate faces to the people my mother grew up with, fascinating to wonder at a 15 year old innocent who turned out to be MOM! A strong , loyal individual who has been such a strong force to both of us :)

Coming to the point ,college reunions aren’t all hunky dory like we found out..

B: “ hello hello PPP , I have come!”
PPP: “That's so nice of you :)
S: “ hello , B how have you been!”
B: “Who are you?” (yes ! she actually said that!)
PPP: “ errr.. S has changed a lot since college … I mean its almost been 40 years .. hehe”

A day before Altoid was leaving , we went to Chitra Kala Parishat ‘cause one of her fellow bloggers was a part of the “Bring your own Art” event.Ok all "Painting-Art-Photography" novices raise your hands.. RM raises a pair of hands and feet.. After that we took off to Kamat Bugle Rock and downed endless Jowar Rotis with cubes of butter floating on them..

And then there was Winter Funk.The 2 month Indo Jazz workshop at SDIPA.
Dance is truly therapeutic , it knows no words ,no language , it touches your soul like nothing ever can nor ever will.Learning Jazz was an experiment , a question to the self if dance was universal.Apparently , it is.

PS: Dear instructor S , getting over a crush on you seems to be such a hard task :((


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  • Sunday, December 16, 2007 6:44:00 AM
    Hip Grandma says:

    so cute.
    'Altoid : “Ok , we’ll tell your friends you ran away and now they have to foot the bill”'.this one was excellent.
    belated b'day wishes to the b'day baby.

  • Sunday, December 16, 2007 6:21:00 PM
    Usha says:

    WE could almost picturise the scenes the way they happened - lovely p;ost.
    And many many happey returns of the day. Keep a piece of cake for the time we meet!
    have a wonderful year girl!

  • Monday, December 17, 2007 6:59:00 AM
    SK says:

    Many more happy returns of the day Seren!! :--) Hope you had loads of fun!

  • Monday, December 17, 2007 6:04:00 PM
    Serendipity says:

    HHG : :) the birthday baby beams back!
    Usha :) Thanks , sure sure will freeze it in ice :P. I did have a wonderful day and thanks for the wishes!

    SK: Thanks SK :). I did :)


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