13 February 2009

All my Bags

I'm not really a 'My bag needs to go with my outfit' kind of person.I'm more of a 'I will carry whichever bag I carried last night' kind of person.This is understandable since I need to catch a cab at 7:50 AM everyday and shifting a wallet , ipod,mobile,mobile charger,hair brush and a couple of other sensible utilities is too much to do that early in the morning when my To do list for the day reads
1.Don't leave without a bath
2.By leave , I mean to office.
Anyway , an avid shopper that I am, I can never think one bag more, is too many. Please find below, photos of my veritable bag collection and the tale that they have to tell.

The Shantiniketan Bag
Alto had the same bag in red (Do you still have it , Alt?) and I loved it.So much that Mom gifted me this bag on my birthday, I think it was my 18th.

The Do-it-yourself Bag
.Gifted to me by Alto.The cutest bag I have.It came with all the stickers and my favorite is the yellow smily.

The corduroy bag , in my favourite color , red!Gifted to me by Alto(you will find this sentence used to bits in this post).Also Mom's favourite.

Byraka Mountain Gear

My college bag , lots of sentiments , trips, results, pani-puri tales,dust,bike-trip memories attached. I havent the heart to give it away :).


Gifted to me by Vi on my birthday. The multi utility ruffian bag.Vi and I used to keep yelping 'Kauko!' to each other whenever I carried the bag for a few days after that.

The twilight bag

I love this bag because of the wordings on it.The owner of the boutique we saw it in convinced me that since I'd given my heart to it in the auspicious twilight hour , I had to make it mine.By paying 800 odd bucks.Vi maintained that it wasn't auspicious but suspicious and it didnt really take twilight for me to be made an ass of.
Oh well.

Copper Nicus

The only trendy yet sensible bag I own , bought it at a sale at Brand factory.

The t
win bag

It so happened that Alto had ordered the cream bag to be sent to me on my birthday and it didnt come through or so she thought , and ordered the maroon bag.Ta-da! Both landed on the same day.Being an ass must be heriditary :P

The crochet bag

Goes with my jeans and is uber-cool.The only non-rag cloth item that I found at Fab-India

Cleo the clutch
Gifted to me on my birthday by Gee and SRC.Im still waiting for the right time to team it with a black gown n ink-blue shoes :D

Red woolie bag

Hand made by Mom.Its too lovely too be carried!

Came with the tamboolam at somebody's wedding.Looks fab with a with a silk saree.

That's enough about me.Now tell me , in detail mind you , which is your favorite bag and whats the tale behind it? Tell Tell?

And oh .. happy V day .. heres hoping Ram Sene can do what my Mom hasn't been able to all these years..get me married!!

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  • Sunday, February 15, 2009 6:40:00 AM
    Altoid says:


    I hate swapping bags, invariably some thing or the other gets left out. And I find it so hard to find ones that I like.

    I still do have the Shantiniketan bag, though one practical difficulty that I face with it is that my bulging wallet doesnt sit pretty inside of it. Hence makes it hard for me to use it as often as I'd like to.

    Want more bags? :D

  • Friday, February 20, 2009 8:26:00 AM
    Usha says:

    Can you lend me that sister of yours plis? Yes alto I want some bags. hehehe.
    Lovely collection seren!
    And thank you thank you, that tailor has done a great job of every blouse and suit.
    Now get married - I need an excuse to wear them before I outgrow them!

  • Monday, February 23, 2009 8:28:00 PM
    Serendipity says:

    Alto : I like all the ones you have :P , somehow urs always seem better than mine , and that goes for everything u have :P grass greener etc types
    yes! , SN bag is what u shud carry when u need to preside over an event in an Ikat saree and all you need to carry is a slim mobile a 500 rupee note :P
    Of course!
    Ps: A bag shelf(humongous)is what I have planned for the 2nd walk in closet in our room .The first will contain jesht clothes

    Did u try them on? She ruined mine! i can barely breathe inside mine!:(
    Ahem , please read the end of the post no? It says tell me which is your fave bag and why ?
    We do bag swapping sometime , ok?

  • Wednesday, March 11, 2009 3:51:00 PM
    Archana says:

    After a lot of soul-searching and heart-break, I finally donated my favoritest bag ever last month - mainly because parents insisted that the black bag looked gray and faded and I looked kinda broke resultantly (hmph). The bag was a super-convenient, cool-looking (at least to me) Fossil bag which could be slung across my body (hands free shopping, yaay) - and just big enough to squeeze all the junk I routinely haul around. I got a replacement bag - but ya, its not anywhere as nice as my beloved Fossil bag - sigh!

  • Wednesday, March 11, 2009 10:18:00 PM
    Serendipity says:

    Parents are like that wonly.
    After you throw out what they asked you to , and after you buy a not as good replacement , they will go "Tch Tch , you never did find anything as good as that , did you? It was so lovely TCHTCHTCH!"

    No worry , hope springs eternal!


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