09 September 2009

The Raghu Dixit concert


was what I went to last Friday purely on a whim.It started with an impulsive yes to S's suggestion , who by the way has been singing paeans of praise about RD ever since the Gudugudiya song hit the charts.So there we were , S's two madcap cousins(who I found amazingly endearing), S's madcap friends , Aksa and I.My vision of RD at this point was that of a man who "..wore a Lungi and sported a bead necklace" ,courtesy Aksa and who was ".. the most divinely talented most amazing human being who's ever walked the earth " , courtesy S. What struck me most about the entire experience was RD himself , not only is he a wonderful singer, but the manner in which he interacted with the audience, explained in detail to us the whys and the hows behind each song and its composition,made us dance to his tunes(literally) , introduced his Mother to us(A very sweet looking lady)and made sure that our bleary work day got completely transformed into a rocking night.Thanks , so much RD.. I would strongly recommend you to buy the CD complete with its Madhubani inspired depictions of a dancing/walking/thinking RD, Song lyrics and a thank-you note from RD which is oh-so-lovely! And oh .. this is his website

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