18 September 2007

Sights while on a "Pleasure" trip


Blame the bad resolution on my 2 Meg camera phone , but this happened to be an evening when the sun was peeping coyly from out of a cloud on one side and the rain man decided it was going to be shower time on another side , but what did the weary traveler see ?

A beautiful rainbow!

God forbid , but if this Cab was involved in a hit and run case , what would a genius of a witness see ?

W:"Poleeceman , the car's number was a Chinnu cab owner who said a Hi to Chethan!"
P:"Sounds a simple case , we will get cracking!"

Seriously , is this allowed??

I feel guilty as hell for taking a picture of this man without his knowledge , but what to do :( , these are dire circumstances , aren't they??

Ok people , any idea where such cute wind cheaters are available?

Cute-bunny-man , if you are reading this space , where did you find it?

1 scribbled back:

  • Thursday, September 20, 2007 4:15:00 AM
    Hip Grandma says:

    Making good use of your camera phone i see.Enjoy yourself and keep posting pictures for us to enjoy.BTW you've been tagged.please take it up.


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