06 September 2007

Yes , Ma'am


In teaching you cannot see the fruit of a day's work. It is invisible and remains so, maybe for twenty years.

~Jacques Barzun

Here’s wishing a Happy Teacher’s Day to all my dear readers!

Why the wishes even though you aren’t really a Teacher? It does happen to be a vocation all by itself, but tell me, aren’t you also one if you happen to be a Father/Mother/Sister/Brother/Friend? Aren’t you one everyday? Aren’t you imparting wisdom to someone each day like I am to you now? :D

The mention of a Teacher brings Amma to my mind, or rather Amma forces herself into my mind .Amma kept insisting that I had to be logical and methodical like the pesky sis , now could I help it if I was born minus the left brain? It also worked as a great disadvantage to me that my Mother taught Geometry/Algebra/Arithmetic/English/Science. So I had to excel in ALL these subjects in school. The fact that her school was perennially short of teachers and she had to fit into all their shoes calls out for a new post altogether.

Did I forget to mention that my Mom is also never short of TLC and encouragement?
Some scenes snatched from her tuition classes (Yeah she does that too)

A: Pranav , your English is Abominable

P: What does that mean , ma’am?

A:It means you have muck in your head

P’s Mom: Yes ma’am, please yell at him more often, it's the only way he’ll learn! What was that word again? I shall try it on him too.

Ok , now shall we move on to the Teachers that I actually adored? :D

Mrs. Shiela Kamat

Now, if ever you could envision a goddess in chiffon, it would be her. Beautiful chiffons, some in powder pink, some lilac, some pearl white with little flowers, neatly pinned, with a pinch of grace and a whiff of eucalyptus. She stole my 12 year old heart and I loved her with all I could.
Wren and Martin was her bible for grammar. And she said that she trusted us not to use the key to find the answers. Any idea what that could have meant then? RUN when u catch sight of the Wren Key!

Mrs. Poornima
My Kannada teacher to whom I owe my fat-curvy Kannada writing to. I used to shamelessly copy her writing style so that she could carve a “Jaane” (Good) in my notebook. She was always full of praise for the great Kuvempu (his sister lived next door to my best friend in school, S , yep, love name-dropping)

BN Guru Mrs.N
I used to love dancing to the “Ashtapadi” by Jayadeva.It will remain my all-time favorite dance. A composition that would move me to tears with its sheer beauty.And what better than to have my dear Mrs.N explain each verse with kohled eyes shining , long black hair swishing gracefully! Mrs .N, you are the reason why my eyes always have two layers of kohl under them.
Someday , Mrs.N,I will be back!

Mr Prakash
In the first year of engineering , we had to learn all the subjects under the sun , which included Civil Engineering –Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials. These would have meant 40-scoring subjects had it not been for PP.PP came , with his bright eyes shining , a 100 watt smile plastered on his face , he called us his “friends”.When you are all of 18 and you know not where you fit in ,and a grown man sails up to you and calls you his 100 percent scoring friend , you bet your last penny you wanna be that!Mr.PP you just simply rock!

Mr Ganesh
Ok , 6th semester (that's a year away from a B.E to be) and you don't know a resistor from a capacitor (google it up pliss , and send me the link as well), what do you do? You enroll for Mr.Ganesh’s Lab classes.And you suddenly realize that you and your best friend Vi are his favorites , and , wait , it gets better , he also happens to have a err a dislike to Viv , who is your sworn enemy in the Lab! Full circle eh? Heehaw!

And there ends my list , so tell me ,who rocked your life? Who inspired you to pull out all your hair? Who was the reason you let the dog chew on your homework?

A special wish also going out to Hip Hop Grandma! HHG , I hope you had a nice time teaching your grandkids!

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  • Thursday, September 06, 2007 5:45:00 PM

    Hmm....I still remember the time we used to celebrate Teacher's Day in school..Those were the best days of ceelbrations!

  • Thursday, September 06, 2007 6:11:00 PM
    Altoid says:

    Pranav's mom's vocab sure is improving :D.

    Can you shed the double kohl layer, inspired by Mrs. N, puhleeeeeeeeease? Let stick with learning to dance, makeup habits can be individually developed ;).

  • Friday, September 07, 2007 8:28:00 PM
    serendipity says:

    Life rocks : How about when we kids forced the teachers to sit through endless skits and dances , that too considering it was their day , poor things eh? :)
    Alto : Yes , yes Pranav will now be a strapping young man who will land home to seek blessings for his MS AND insist on falling at yours truly's feet!


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