16 July 2007

TV trouble


Ring out the old, ring in the new said Tennyson but I hardly feel happy parting with things that have served me loyally for a long time. Same feelings felt when my old BPL TV let out a final shudder before blacking out forever. While I was skulking around mourning the loss of an old friend, I found myself being subjected to my Mom’s rather caustic tongue.

“Don’t be an idiot. It’s just a TV for god’s sake”
“Yeah, Yeah” I leered. “How’d you like it if I were to turn you out of the house ‘cause you were getting ole and rickety”
“Altoid’s right. We really did pick you from the gutter. With that logic you simply CANT be my kin”
*Scared Face*

Luckily for us, the man from the orphanage happened to be visiting us that weekend, which was not very surprising actually. Last month, Mom had generously donated an old grinder and an older sewing machine. Can’t really blame the guy for having had a mental note of the number of appliances that were falling apart in our house.

Man:*You MUST help orphans smile*
Mom: “Come in, I have a TV for you, and please hurry up”
Man :*( Thought bubble) This lady is kind AND efficient, must put her in red, bold and in capitals in the donors list*
Man disappears saying he would be back armed with a tempo.

Meanwhile, the lion had stirred in his den: My Dad was just coming to his senses after a long siesta.
Dad (Opening the door): “Yes?”
Man: “We have come for the TV, sir”
Dad: “Who?”
Mom (glaring at the man for coming in at an inopportune moment): “Please take it away, FAST (gritting teeth)”
Dad (glaring at the man): “We are not giving you any TV”
Mom (glaring at the man): “Yes, we are!”
Dad: “Woman, if I were to sit in a corner with arthritis, I’d hate to think of what you’d do to me!”

Hah!! That proves oh so clearly that we aren’t from the gutter.

Anyway, I had Vi and Viv coming over to help me get a new TV to fill up the *sniff* void.
Me: “Wow, these LCD TV’s look awesome”
Vi: “Yeah… totally groovy”
Viv: “So what’s the budget? Philips, Sony, Onida.. which?”
Me: (How just like a guy to cut to the facts) “ Umm ..Sony?”
Viv (Dragging Vi and I to the Sony section): “ Ok , which one of these?”
Me: “Vi , how about this silver one?”
Vi: “Yeah! Would so totally go with the peach wall”
Viv(looking totally peeved): “ Ladies , any TV would come in 2 colors , please decide the woofer , output power , home theatre output yadda yadda”
Me : “I pick the blackish grey because it’s the cheapest and it doesn’t hit my eye like the silver”
Vi: “Yeah, what’ll she do with the woofer and all that yarn, anyway. I pick the grey too!”

So the blackish grey it was :-). IF only picking clothes was this easy!


2 scribbled back to “TV trouble”

  • Monday, July 16, 2007 4:53:00 AM
    Altoid says:

    :D Did Amma tell you ? Her "precious pills" and some silverware landed in the trash bin, thanks to yours truly, within 24 hrs of her landing here?

    Yup, I got the "clearing away" gene.

  • Monday, July 16, 2007 7:48:00 AM
    Pillpopper says:

    you mean you just go and buy a TV like you buy groceries!!It costs much more than your kurtis, and you take infinity to choose them!!


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