28 July 2007

Stuff nightmares are made of

"Dear RM , this is with reference to your resignation from the position of Director , Wireless Communication group ... " read my relieving letter.

"EH? Ki hoya??"

RM storms back to the HR and thrusts her relieving letter into the hands of a sleepy HR.Agreed , I do not expect you to personally type out every relieving letter and there exists something called a "format".But just 'cause the previous resignation was that of a director and you were too lazy to click "Do not save changes " , I get to be Direktor? Seriously? Too much!

I have been unemployed for the last 48 hours and I have mixed reactions to this state , and please add nightmares too.

Thoughts running in my head

RM in a starched cotton salwar sporting a new stylized (read lots of goo in the hair) cut.

RM : " Hello !"
New company HR (opening new company door):"Who's this?"
RM:*Scared face*
New company HR:*BANG*

Or what about the nightmare of last night.
*One huge nightmare bubble Start:*
Maybe the nightmare bubble should start here?
Me:*Confused grin heh heh*
Mom:"The guy's folks have come to see you"
Me: "Who guy"
Mom:"Tamil Matrimony number M7112221111"
Me *Edging on hysteria*:"SO???Is this a new trend ?? Window shopping??"
Mom *Sickly smile and gritting teeth*:"He's a PhD in nanotechnology"
Mom:"The Dad"
Me:"So you are giving me away to the Dad now?"
Mom *Gritting teeth*:"No , just imagine what the boy would have studied"

~~~~~*******###### (These parts of the nightmare are hazy)

In the next scene , the boy 's parents have convinced mine that there should be a small engagement ceremony after which they would proceed to see another girl(No No , this wasn't the scary part of the nightmare, pliss to trudge along)

So , now boy and I are engaged and my parents are preparing to send me off in a bullock cart with them.And we're headed to the next girl's house.

No , all you curious cats , I don't remember the boy's face!(Do you blame me?)

The boy's mom looks at all the marapachi dolls in the display and tells Mom to pack them all up .They would later decide which girl their boy would marry.

Sounds of wailing fill the air..
Me:" Amma! How could you! "*WAAAAAAAHHH*"
Mom :"Its ok , what can we do about it"
Me:"How could you give away Paati's marapachis to total strangers ! She loved them like they were her kin" *WAAAAH*


*End of nightmare bubble*

All this 'cause Mom and I were clearing up the landing and we found a pair of Marapachis
in all their grandeur lying in a box.

I will be back to work starting next Wednesday , until then , I shall nightmare along merrily!


6 scribbled back to “Stuff nightmares are made of”

  • Tuesday, July 31, 2007 3:15:00 AM
    Altoid says:

    Dream along Seren :D

  • Tuesday, July 31, 2007 9:14:00 PM
    Deepthi says:

    ha ha that dream can be made into a short film...me taker u ok....o love the bullock cart thingy...i can imagine myself on it too...he he

  • Sunday, August 05, 2007 12:24:00 PM

    Bullock cart lol!!!!
    What does your new job have to offer that your old one didn't?

  • Sunday, August 05, 2007 8:12:00 PM
    serendipity says:

    Alto : Shuup Alto!

    deepthi:Its so amazing.People can conjure up limos ,BMW's and even Ferraris in their dreams.But I? No !Gimme bullock carts anyday!

    Mis:(Nods approvingly)Good Q . I'm hoping less work and more moolah?

  • Saturday, August 11, 2007 8:02:00 AM
    Hip Grandma says:

    I thought nightmares happened to us 'living fossils'.You girls seem to be so much in control.Well I too had nightmares loads of them.go ahead and deal with them.

  • Tuesday, August 28, 2007 2:12:00 AM
    Bit Hawk says:

    Haha...very vivid, weird and surrealistic dreams! Do you watch lot of Luis Bunuel movies? :D


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