08 October 2007

Diverse are we


I believe
Diversity is a part of the natural order of life
As natural as a billion shapes and shades
Of the colors of spring
Or the leaves of autumn

We had "Diversity Day " at work this Friday . A day to acknowledge the fact that we were a French-American organization with one of the branches in Southern India with one of the campuses next to Bangalore's largest drain.Yes , diversity in all shapes and forms there.

"Do your floor" was one of the bullets in the To-Do list.10 heads came together on the first day with cups of coffee and a board marker .

K: "All the floors will do the cliched color paintings and colored lights"
L:"Last year , we did nothing , When the judges came in , we were still cutting color paper, we were the worst decorated floor, we got a pity award"
S1:"Maybe we should shift to the HR's floor , they always win"
S2:"Its full of women , man .Theyve got loads of time to kill"
RM(looks murderous):"Ahem"
S2:"Heheh , didnt mean that.. I just meant HR's have a lot of times on their hands"
RM(looks murderous):"Grr"
S2:"Whats your problem ?"
K(The efficient floor captain instincts surfacing):"Ok shut up everybody and listen to me"
L:"Thats what we did last time , then we decided this time we would be democratic and take a poll"
S1:"I opt for democracy and opt out"

*** General pandemonium where everybody tries to get S1 back into action***

Minutes of the Meeting : We agree to be democratic

Day 2:

S1:" I think we could do stick paintings to depict the software development lifecycle"
T:"Why dont we show diversity in different ages"
S1: "It wont work , our floor always loses"
RM(looks at S1):"I wonder why"
S2:" Ok , lets show diversity in work , starting with the cave era , the jungle age , the medieval and the Space age"

MOM: We have a THEME!

Day 3:

K: "S2 takes Space , RM takes the cave,S3 takes the jungle , and I take the medieval"
RM:" Good lord , the cave age?"

Many ideas , inputs , good ,bad,eccentric flowed in and finally the day before the D day arrived.

I had 6 handy and happy helpers to create my cave :)

S4:"What are you guys doing in this cubicle , I have WORK!"
RM:"Shall I call Mrs K?"
S4:"Whos Mrs K"
RM:"Our Director and someone who mailed saying we had to celebrate Diversity Day"
S4:"Ok , do what you want , just dont upset my desk"
RM:"Haha fat chance"

After spending 10 minutes trying to stick brown paper to the ceiling and having it fall unceremoniously all over us , we rethank our thunk

B: "It looks too straight "
V: "Hmm"
RM(Glares at the unforgiving brown paper):"Double sided tape with a drop of Fevi-kwik"
V:" Chutki mein chipkaye hehhe"
B:" lets stack dustbins and cover it with brown paper , it will have that uneven effect"
N:" (sweet smile)"
I personally love N's smile , its so unaffected and sweet :)
After 3 hours of foraging for dustbins , standing on desks , stretching our (by that i mean mine) five feet forms to reach the ceiling , we had some weird sinister looking brown sheet hanging structure that swayed gracefully!

But at the end of the day ,when I was riding home at 9:30PM , I learnt that

1. I had a new found friend in S5 , especially after we set out on his bike at 8:30 to look for more brown paper and adhesive
2.The tissue rolls (:D) play a good roll in making as clubs used by cavemen
3.You get to see the best in your colleagues
4.You never knew you had this big an ego to live up to!

To cut a very long story short , our venture was a success , we actually ended up with the second prize.
yes , yes the first went to the first floor with all its creative HR's :D

7 scribbled back to “Diverse are we”

  • Tuesday, October 09, 2007 5:51:00 AM
    Altoid says:

    Cave girl :)

    Have you practiced your war cry yet?

    Congrats on second prize.

  • Thursday, October 11, 2007 6:31:00 AM
    Tharini says:

    Hi...this isn't a comment related to your post...but I followed your link from the comment u left on mine recently. And just wanted to say thanks for reminding me of the song! LOL. It cracked me up to have someone else remember that and point it to me. Posted a reply back, but in case u didn't see it...I wrote in here. Thanks. :)

  • Monday, October 15, 2007 4:07:00 AM
    Hip Grandma says:

    S2:"Its full of women , man .Theyve got loads of time to kill"

    Objection.We women are good at multi tasking and all men seem to think is that we 'kill' time talking.
    Congrats on winning the 2nd prize.May you win the first one next time.

  • Wednesday, October 17, 2007 7:37:00 AM
    CM-Chap says:

    Ha Ha... Hilarious office scene.

    I tell u, HR girls (is there any HR guy anywhere) are always the best in this kind of stuff.

    Ho glad u guys made it finally.

  • Friday, October 19, 2007 10:39:00 PM
    Dinesh says:

    Thank you for lovely comment :-). I'm not kidding when I say it brightened my day.

    I went through your entire blog and I must say you write very well. Looks like we like the same books too :-).

    I'm looking forward to the next update.

  • Saturday, October 20, 2007 10:19:00 PM
    serendipity says:

    Alto : Thank u errr .. you wouldnt be too pleased if I told you that your brown blanket was one of the props there .. but you belong to the saccharine sweet sis category right? :D

    tharini: :) Thank you so much for leaving your comment , and I love following up on your posts :)

    Higran : No? I agree heartily! We women can do a zillion things in a moment and that too to perfection!
    We are just too good wonly !:)

    CM-chap :
    Thanks !

    DD :

    Helloo DD! Thanks so much :)

  • Sunday, October 21, 2007 2:47:00 AM
    Dinesh says:

    are you on gtalk or yahoo? my id's are: devarajan dot dinesh at the rate of gmail dot com and dineshdevarajan at the rate of yahoo dot com. Add me only if you want to :-)


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