13 November 2007

The world in a cube

My friend SRC has spent the last week trying to convince a russian that her name happens to be S , she even signs off as S in big black and bold. And yet somehow..

SRC :"Hi Rai (or Chatterjee?),
RM says: wow
RM says: she wrote that?
SRC :very soon i'd rather sign off as Rai
SRC:a certain Cynthia watever!
SRC says:how mean wud it be if i replied to her and addressed her as 'Hi watever'
RM says:send her some abuses...
RMsays:"hi WTH"
SRC:she might not follow
SRC:she's russian i guess
RM says:send her a link
SRC:her designation is "Software Entwicklungsingenieur"
RM says:if shes that dumb mebbe u shudnt mail her queries?

A little while later SRC mailed an almost diabetic mail that went "Dear Cynthia... Just to clarify.."

Yeah yeah , we Indians are adaptable and never take offense and all that ... little do people know what conspires on the IM...

1 scribbled back:

  • Monday, November 19, 2007 9:18:00 AM
    Hip Grandma says:

    The poor russian girl!You are tagged.Please take it up.


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