03 February 2007

Hello, World!


This is my first, so please be a little kind on the comments, “Awesome” “Beautiful write up” are adjectives that I hardly expect at this point, I expect more than that for crying out aloud!

After chewing over whether to write about my work (makes a face), my nearly non-existent personal life (:D ), my tips to my colleagues that a dupatta is not a weapon to be tied across the shoulders, I decided that I would do just what I like doing. Ramble.

Considering I'm in a happy frame of mind, I thought I'd pen down some of the things that make me feel blessed

The unparalleled experience of sitting down near the door of a train and seeing nameless fields, trees, villages, people pass by, whilst you look on, hair amuck , chota coffee cup in hand.

To be able to go on a trip with your friends with valleys , rivers, mountains enveloping you, with
"Ek pal ke liye hi sahi" playing from a ricketty casette player

Find out from your semester results that you not only passed in all the subjects but you also managed a 70 in a subject you loathed

Discover suddenly that no matter how much you cribbed/whined about your first start-up job and the “lack of growth” it had, it was indeed the one that sheltered you from the big bad world of corporate professionalism and the “colleagues” you had there are now your closest buddies

To get a warm smile from the house-keeping lady because you presented her with a muscle-pain balm that your Mom swears by

You’re dizzy with excitement as you ride back in the night from a late night movie at the multiplex, grinning madly from ear to ear at your friend in the pillion
(Yes, it’s a novelty for us in

To be able to tell your girl friend every little grouse , and better still , have her patiently listen to them


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