23 August 2007

The K factor

Met K online today after almost 2 months. He’s scored 99% in his USMLE and is already in the land of a million opportunities. And guess what , he’s studying in a place that's very close to the Altoids’.K , in the very remote possibility that you landed up at my blog , congratulations !:)(for landing here , of course)

Ok ,whos K , you ask? And you look indignant too? That I haven’t ever mentioned a K in my blog ? He’s my old old friend , probably known him for 8 years. I met him online on Yahoo , he was a mad medico and I was a budding-semester-exam-fearing Engineer.Like Anton Chekov aptly said “Love, friendship, respect, do not unite people as much as a common
hatred for something.” And our pet grievance? Exams, Telephone bills , Exam results!

God! Sometimes I’m amazed as to how stupid I could have been! Imagining chatting till the middle of the night with strange people and running huge telephone bills! Come exam time and I would make 3 minute appearances in the chat room- it served as a stress buster , where people didn't know me , people wouldn't care if I scored badly , people who were normal compared to myself- I had a huge exam looming in front of me.

You don't really blame me , do you? Come on , I was all of 19 with not a shred of responsibility in me!

It was then that K and I decided to exchange phone numbers and break the barrier of anonymity. Calling each other once a day became a regular feature. He would regale me with rather merry instances of how he got to see someone’s rather green spleen, an extremely infected appendicitis (referred to as a very rare specimen),he would with great gusto offer to bottle up the specimen so that his dear chat friend wouldn't miss out on the good things in life.
I would ramble on :

“ K , I have a DSP exam tomorrow , 5 hours of sleep enough?”
And K would go , “4 hours is a-plenty for the human body”
“K , you ass , I almost slept through the entire exam!”
“The human body is unique , what works for one doesn't work for another”
“Yes , you’re an exceptional ass!”

And the day K received his medical degree , all hell broke loose! He wrote in font size 32 , bold and in red in the chat room about how from now on he should be referred to as “Dr.K” .K had such cheap thrills! I remember once when I called him and he’d forced his Mom to pick up the phone .i said “Hey auntie , is K there?” And poor Auntie had to say “No , but Dr.K is around!”

K then told me he was going to leave for the UK to pursue his studies. I gifted him a laughing Buddha (symbolizes good luck) and we had a huge chat in Casa Picola , it was then that he told me he planned to come back to India after he was 40 to open a centre for the Diabetics! God save them!

And know what the best part of this friendship is? That I don't need to be constantly in touch with him or update him on what’s happening in my life .On the rare occasion that I catch him online , or on the rarer occasion that he calls up , we talk , freely , without any discomfiture , about what happened , what we think will happen , and about who earns more(its always him :() , who should treat who the next time we meet and so on..

So K , I hope you do atrociously as a Doctor and you return to India with your tail between your legs. I will guarantee you a merry jig and a free Pizza when you do !

18 August 2007

Found at the entrance to Transit.

If a stray packet of chips is found , ULP! it will be incarcerated!

A burger found? It will punished to solitary confinement and where its internal parts will rot slowly and painfully...

A hot dog found? Oops! It will be hung upside down and whipped mercilessly!

Really? What with the helmet check , the check-for-the-parking-ticket, the check-if-you-have-outside-food, check if-you-are-armed ..they expect you to smile?Waitamin they forgot something vital! yes , yes! The sanity check ! For having visited the Forum on a weekend!It was all I could do to stop myself from running pell-mell shouting "Get out of my waaaaay!"

Ok , now we're done with ranting.

Watched Chak De India. Shahrukh Khan.No histrionics , very well made , powerful , has a feel to it , makes you want to learn hockey , in the end I wanted to stand up and salute. Good.

"For once , he has acted sensibly and he isn't laughing around vacuously and singing with knitted brows!" said Amma. Methinks Amma should take up criticism as a full-time job. I do not for the life of me know how she is proclaimed to be a "darn good teacher" by her students.Incidentally , a battery of students mobbed her at the Forum.She grinned around good naturedly while Vi and I patiently waited near the exit for Mrs Congeniality to join us.

14 August 2007

Weekday musing


For all those of who spent sleepless nights over how my first day at a new work place would go(*Beams around*) , we have done you proud! It went really well , people .Nice place , Warm people , wonderful coffee , God's in his heaven , all's right with the world!

I decided to decorate my cubicle with all kinds of stuff that my friends gifted me .

Item # 1
: Confused Ganeshu
Gifted t
o me by Vi.This little Ganeshu can make the hardest of hearts melt.It looks at you with such sorrowful eyes(Rather likes its blaming you for its twisted trunk)
Note to self : Item to be thrust into the manager's face whenever aforementioned self in troub

Item # 2 :Enchanted Cup
Also gifted to me by Vi.
It reads
"Take a sip from this enchanted cup
And make a wish for yourself,
If all else fails ,
There is a wish
Just a messenger click away!"

Which summarizes all our pre-coffee , pre/post lunch , pre-dinner chats et all.Beautifully penned and even more wonderful to have :).

Some other wonderful things adorning my cubicle- A pink pen stand from Akki , A Sai Baba table piece gifted by Altoid , and then , what do you know , My Mom's greatest gift to mankind -ME!

Although , the ride to here is probably the beetle in the icing(now I'm inventing idioms yoohoo!).I simply HAVE to leave home at 8:30 AM , which would mean I would have to get up by 6 , hit the gym ,return by 730 and set off at the aforementioned
time(You will find this word a lot in my posts , I simply adore it , sounds intellectual and Victorian at the same time!)


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