28 July 2007

Stuff nightmares are made of

"Dear RM , this is with reference to your resignation from the position of Director , Wireless Communication group ... " read my relieving letter.

"EH? Ki hoya??"

RM storms back to the HR and thrusts her relieving letter into the hands of a sleepy HR.Agreed , I do not expect you to personally type out every relieving letter and there exists something called a "format".But just 'cause the previous resignation was that of a director and you were too lazy to click "Do not save changes " , I get to be Direktor? Seriously? Too much!

I have been unemployed for the last 48 hours and I have mixed reactions to this state , and please add nightmares too.

Thoughts running in my head

RM in a starched cotton salwar sporting a new stylized (read lots of goo in the hair) cut.

RM : " Hello !"
New company HR (opening new company door):"Who's this?"
RM:*Scared face*
New company HR:*BANG*

Or what about the nightmare of last night.
*One huge nightmare bubble Start:*
Maybe the nightmare bubble should start here?
Me:*Confused grin heh heh*
Mom:"The guy's folks have come to see you"
Me: "Who guy"
Mom:"Tamil Matrimony number M7112221111"
Me *Edging on hysteria*:"SO???Is this a new trend ?? Window shopping??"
Mom *Sickly smile and gritting teeth*:"He's a PhD in nanotechnology"
Mom:"The Dad"
Me:"So you are giving me away to the Dad now?"
Mom *Gritting teeth*:"No , just imagine what the boy would have studied"

~~~~~*******###### (These parts of the nightmare are hazy)

In the next scene , the boy 's parents have convinced mine that there should be a small engagement ceremony after which they would proceed to see another girl(No No , this wasn't the scary part of the nightmare, pliss to trudge along)

So , now boy and I are engaged and my parents are preparing to send me off in a bullock cart with them.And we're headed to the next girl's house.

No , all you curious cats , I don't remember the boy's face!(Do you blame me?)

The boy's mom looks at all the marapachi dolls in the display and tells Mom to pack them all up .They would later decide which girl their boy would marry.

Sounds of wailing fill the air..
Me:" Amma! How could you! "*WAAAAAAAHHH*"
Mom :"Its ok , what can we do about it"
Me:"How could you give away Paati's marapachis to total strangers ! She loved them like they were her kin" *WAAAAH*


*End of nightmare bubble*

All this 'cause Mom and I were clearing up the landing and we found a pair of Marapachis
in all their grandeur lying in a box.

I will be back to work starting next Wednesday , until then , I shall nightmare along merrily!


20 July 2007


I have been tagged by Altoid to list 8 things about myself.So here goes nothing..

  1. I’m a sucker for natural cures. More so if you tell me you found them in the Himalayas. Which is why I bought 3 huge packets of “wonder hair herb” while on a trip to Thirunelveli.Which is also why I pay a small fortune to my ayurvedic doctor who incidentally is the only person who says I look radiant and “cured”.
  2. I hate reading the newspaper, its something I’ve never ever done. I wouldn’t know the Prime Minister from the Chief Minister, unless erm... a central/state holiday was declared because they happened to go to the land of no return. I know, I know! Will work on this one.
  3. I love imitating people. The milkman, the post woman, oh-so-many relatives -and that too in the presence of an august audience –enthusiastic sister, suspicious Mom (Is she going to do me next?) and an amused Dad.
  4. I hate intellectual snobbery.So you’ve read Kafka , and that Neruda guy , So?? I swear by Enid Blyton and Richmal Crompton , go hang!
  5. I would like to call myself a “laidback person” probably Alto and Mom would like to translate that to “bone-lazy”
  6. I love being the youngest. Seriously, there’s nothing like it! This is also why I abhor all the juniors at my work place!
  7. I have transitory addictions. Right now , I’m into chamki and embroidery.Last week I wore a embroidered +Chamkied top and a embroidered +Chamkied pair of jeans.So if you were to appear in front of me , I’d more often than not chamki you.So beware!
  8. When we were kids and we used to play Monopoly , I would hate winning and hoarding all the moolah.I’d reduce the rent for everybody who landed on my cities much to the chagrin of the Banker.Yes , we love underdogs!


I pass the tag to liferocks and Misunderstood!

The rules :-

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.
4. If you fail to do this within eight hours, you will not reach Third Series or attain your most precious goals for at least two more lifetimes. (what does it mean?)

16 July 2007

TV trouble


Ring out the old, ring in the new said Tennyson but I hardly feel happy parting with things that have served me loyally for a long time. Same feelings felt when my old BPL TV let out a final shudder before blacking out forever. While I was skulking around mourning the loss of an old friend, I found myself being subjected to my Mom’s rather caustic tongue.

“Don’t be an idiot. It’s just a TV for god’s sake”
“Yeah, Yeah” I leered. “How’d you like it if I were to turn you out of the house ‘cause you were getting ole and rickety”
“Altoid’s right. We really did pick you from the gutter. With that logic you simply CANT be my kin”
*Scared Face*

Luckily for us, the man from the orphanage happened to be visiting us that weekend, which was not very surprising actually. Last month, Mom had generously donated an old grinder and an older sewing machine. Can’t really blame the guy for having had a mental note of the number of appliances that were falling apart in our house.

Man:*You MUST help orphans smile*
Mom: “Come in, I have a TV for you, and please hurry up”
Man :*( Thought bubble) This lady is kind AND efficient, must put her in red, bold and in capitals in the donors list*
Man disappears saying he would be back armed with a tempo.

Meanwhile, the lion had stirred in his den: My Dad was just coming to his senses after a long siesta.
Dad (Opening the door): “Yes?”
Man: “We have come for the TV, sir”
Dad: “Who?”
Mom (glaring at the man for coming in at an inopportune moment): “Please take it away, FAST (gritting teeth)”
Dad (glaring at the man): “We are not giving you any TV”
Mom (glaring at the man): “Yes, we are!”
Dad: “Woman, if I were to sit in a corner with arthritis, I’d hate to think of what you’d do to me!”

Hah!! That proves oh so clearly that we aren’t from the gutter.

Anyway, I had Vi and Viv coming over to help me get a new TV to fill up the *sniff* void.
Me: “Wow, these LCD TV’s look awesome”
Vi: “Yeah… totally groovy”
Viv: “So what’s the budget? Philips, Sony, Onida.. which?”
Me: (How just like a guy to cut to the facts) “ Umm ..Sony?”
Viv (Dragging Vi and I to the Sony section): “ Ok , which one of these?”
Me: “Vi , how about this silver one?”
Vi: “Yeah! Would so totally go with the peach wall”
Viv(looking totally peeved): “ Ladies , any TV would come in 2 colors , please decide the woofer , output power , home theatre output yadda yadda”
Me : “I pick the blackish grey because it’s the cheapest and it doesn’t hit my eye like the silver”
Vi: “Yeah, what’ll she do with the woofer and all that yarn, anyway. I pick the grey too!”

So the blackish grey it was :-). IF only picking clothes was this easy!


05 July 2007

Week Update


Time to move on to newer pastures. I have given in my notice in the hell-hole and the feeling is just too damn good. I yam jesht loving it.

Now, everybody from the Director to the sweeper wants to have a talk with a certain RM who had the audacity to say “NO” to exploitation. I’m like the Jhansi Ki Rani minus horse minus a lot of courage plus a red colored Pleasure. The number of cups of coffee and tea over which I have explained the “thought process that provoked such dire measures” are staggering.

I am finally reaping the rewards of coming to work at 6 A.M in a rickety auto and an empty stomach. While everyone’s slogging with my share of the work , I , on the other hand have managed to put aside “The Malory Towers” and the “The St. Clares” series to my list of re-reads. Ebooks zindabad!

An added advantage with Ebooks is that they can pass off so easily as “White papers from IEEE”. You just need to view it in a “Century Gothic size 10” and have a notepad handy. Voila!

Needless to say, I have been blog-hopping and have managed to discover two new bloggers. I also took Alto’s leadership test and irrespective of the number of questions asked 9/18/17/45, I am JFK to the hilt. Apparently, we belong to the amorous power crazy category. Cut to scene in which I’m wearing a halter necked bikini top with a slinky chiffon draped around me dangerously, saying “Bharatwaasiyon ...”

There were plans of trekking the Himalayas with an old class-mate who was only too pleased to take me. But then, I think my interest is waning. All I want to do is lie on my bed and have endless cups of coffee and read books. While I’m on that , can you ,the handful of my readers suggest some books to me ?

Random memory that just hit me: I studied in a Convent in Mangalore and when I was around 8 , they introduced us to “Help age India” , all of us were given little piggy banks to collect money for the cause. That day, Dad’s colleague visited us and I cutely (Yes , I insist I was extremely cute) brandished the piggy in front of him. He grinned and added a 1 Re coin .Later on in the day, I again found him when I was walking with Amma and I repeated my act . He added another coin, though I rather thought his smile had faded a wee bit. Later in the night, I espied him chatting with Dad in the verandah. I repeated my act (shrewd business woman instincts surfacing), he added a 50 Rs note and said “Mr M. I will soon have to enroll in the Helpage India centre if your daughter hounds me anymore”

Which is why, I always grin at the Helpage India box in Butter Sponge and never fail to drop in some money.

Random Song playing in my head : Title track of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom


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