28 November 2008

guess what happened


Terribly over loaded this week :D

Sometime last week we had a late night call , and I had booked a cab at 9:30 PM.The call got over sometime around 9 and I was walking towards the pantry for a cup of coffee.Our floor is the first .I was walking all weary eyed towards the window with my cup , when I suddenly saw a pair of bright headlights zooming towards me at breakneck speed.I stood rooted to the spot.I was on the first floor , how does that explain headlights at my level??

9/11? Was it a plane? Was I gonna die??

Then I realised ...

That we have a building with multi-level parking in front.


On a more serious note , I am disgusted and sad at the same time , with whats happening with the world.There must be some form of retribution for this dastardly act.

14 November 2008

A tag and then some

Alto has tagged me , or rather I forced her to .
So here goes,

My oldest memory:
Is of putting my hands between the elevator doors while on a visit to our relatives place in Bombay.Amma said ' DONT put your hands between the doors' and at that moment I did do exactly that.
....Tch Tch , Amma never ever learnt , did she ?

Ten years ago:
I was younger , a lot more naive , a lot more innocent and a great deal more irresponsible.
Ahem. Yes.I would like to think I conquered all that.

My first thought this morning:
Do you think the alarm is going to ring now? or now? .. now?

If you built a time capsule, what would it contain:
Hmm ..mt family my wardrobe , my trinket cases , my mobile .. you know what , it would have my house in it .. and the garden .. and my CAR .. and my bike .. and ..

This year:
Has been the 'One with the big ones' ;)

14 years from now:
I will be SO old!! And so will u! And so will our blog :)

I pass this tag on to Amma , she might like to do it.

On other news.The company transport sucks and there have been many heated exchange of mails , and I did put my rather caustic tongue to good use , wanna see how ? :)

My partner in crime was S , who managed to unearth about a zillion odd reasons and quite a handful of fancy sounding words like 'fulfill our duties at work and home' 'disruption of mental state' 'no state to apply mind and soul' koff koff and the likes..Here's a snippet ...

1. The cab did not turn up on Friday, 31st of October. We were told to huddle up and wait for one. We were doing this for more than an hour, and then decided that it was useless to just huddle up and wait for a cab to turn up. We had to barge into the first empty cab we saw after 7, and asked the driver to take us to our destinations. Thankfully, the driver obliged.

So much, for organized transport!! Please note, we were waiting till 7, for something to be organized. I reached home at 8, I am not sure what time the last person to be dropped that day reached!

2. Monday morning.. A 52 seater bus turns up, late, that too, to pick about 20 of us who use the cab service. The driver is super slow. Since it’s a bus, we have no hopes of being picked up at our respective stops, because the bus cannot go in small roads!! We were also not dropped at our stops for the same reason. Many of us had to take auto back home. We reach office and home late that day.

3. Tuesday morning.. The bus is late again! My pick up is at 7.42. The bus came at 8.05. I was dropped at Le Meridian, so I am not sure about yesterday's experiences.. I am sure people would like to add to the continuing list of woes.

4. Wednesday.. No surprises here. The bus was late again. It turned up at 8.05. I am not sure what time I will reach home or where I would be dropped!

Please note, for route 25, we would be picking up people even at 8.15 with this new system. We reach office at around 9.15, against 8.35 (our previous cab used to be here by that time).

Please understand that there is no way a person can be in a state of mind to work, after waiting for his/her cab for 15-20 mins and sitting in the cab for more than an hour. This has been affecting productivity to quite an extent. Many of us have things to do when we get back home and families to attend to. If our return time is 7.15 - 7.30 (as is the case for the past couple of days), we would be too tired to fulfill our duties at home too.
To which yours truly replied :-
"I’d like to add some more detail for what happened on Friday before I get started on the other days.5:40 Pm is surely not the time to be putting up stickers on the buses , so much so that we had to organize search parties for our buses. And added to that , the drivers of the cabs were plain rude and refused to take us on the assigned routes. Some of our friends had to hijack buses only to find the driver walk away. I understand that there might be a few hiccups when the vendor changes, but in this case, we had absolutely no one around who was trying to even help us out until came.

Regarding the present bus for Route 25 , the present bus is too huge for us 10 or 15 people. The bus takes forever to reach office/home and I would suggest a smaller vehicle which could reach faster. My stop is at 7:50 and I reach there a good 10 minutes early because I have no idea when the driver might turn up , on Monday he turned up at 8:25."

Two days later , I was waiting at my stop when I saw Juniper's cab go by , ok 2 mins more to go I thought.Nokia's was next and then Philips' and no sign of my big green unwieldy bus.And then , the ming started squealing.
'Get into the Sumo behind you' said a disembodied voice.
Seren: *Sinister voice* 'Who is this and what do you want!'
DV: ' Aren't you Seren'
Seren ' I might be '
DV: ' Eh? Get into the Sumo!'
Seren: ' I will not do that!! I shall call the police!!' *panic stricken*
DV: *Obviously a tam* ' Aiyoh! Kaduvule! Madam , we belong to the company transport dept! We changed the vehicles for your route'
Seren:*looking sheepish* ' Ehehe..ehhehe .. jesht kidding ..hehehe'

I get into the Sumo and ask the driver to please put up the print out that reads my route number and company name.. for some weird reason , he's sporting a peaked cap and a jacket with the collar turned up ..then my eyes wander to where the driver's credentials are listed..

'Ace Detective Agency' it screams .. 'If he’s anywhere in the universe, we’ll find him'

I rest my case.They had to hire a detective agency's cab?



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