16 April 2010

Mera naam Joker

Friday.A day to think and wear out of the box.Now , being an ardent Fab India fan and also considering Bangiland's soaring temperatures , I picked out my most recent buy from FI.A pair of Kalamkari trousers and a plain brown kurti.
And this is how the day went.

Legend: has it that...ok sorry for the baaad joke :D
SRC:Of this fame

Seren:me is in my clown outfit
SRC :wat is a clown outfit?
SRC :can i match it ?
Seren:yes pleasse...
SRC :how bad is it?
Seren:everyones staring
SRC :that happens in a sari also
SRC :which is not clown
Seren:i can bet its not the same
Seren:theyre different stares
Seren:like omg whats this
Seren:experimentation is so wasted here
SRC :ok wat exactly r u wearing?
Seren:fab india pants
SRC :dont tell me salmon pink skirt
SRC :aah ok
Seren:and fab india kurti
SRC :now i cant get that
SRC :its arty classy...
Seren:so its clown like coz the bottoms printed
Seren:and the tops plain
SRC :leave it ...its wayy above the average heads we have here
Seren:its loose and comfy
SRC :i used to hv one like this!!
Seren:yeah so find it!!
SRC :the bottom had fish painted on it
Seren:fasstt find it..!
SRC :i made pants for my son with it
Seren:can u bring him?
Seren:..in it?
SRC :no, i come to office to get away remember?
Seren:this is what happens when i listen to u!
Seren:on the rare occasion that i do
SRC :sigh i dont have anything to match it
SRC :i wish i had red pants
Seren:ok so ur like going to come normally?
Seren:maybe they might stare lesser if i took off the pants

Yeah while we are still on SRC.. apparently somebody stole her Dads Scorpio.. and the Police people(as she put it) have traced it to a....BOAT in Kerala.She plans to "investigate" by bribing the boatmen with toddy whilst peering into each engine.

Yes , I wonder why I listen to her.

04 April 2010

The tale of two poles

North Pole:Dad
South Pole:Ma

It is the month of April - When SP's students celebrate their well deserved summer vacation and turn 180 degrees wherever they happen to spot SP.Needless to say , this has rendered SP bored and what does she do to give vent to her pent up emotions? Nag NP.

SP:"After 30 odd years of being married , you would think we would be doing something together , wouldn't you?"
NP:" Hmm .. Amar Singh is being unreasonable"
SP: "Maybe its because he doesn't go anywhere with his wife"
Np: "Hmm.."
SP: " Let me call Amit and see if he's wasting away his summer without studying"

The next day , NP came home laden with two passes to the yearly Ramanavami Concerts held at the Fort High School.He loves music and even goes to bed with the CD player humming in the background.The competitive streak in SP was suitably aroused.She came hurrying to me with a pained expression and an ipod in tow.

SP:"You have to help me"
Me:" Errmm.. see I can't promise you anything"
SP: "Please download all songs in Hamsadwani for me , so that when it plays I will recognize the raaga instantly"
Me: "Wouldn't it be easier to see the brochure?"
SP: " Would it would it?"
Me: "Sigh.Ok"

On the first day of the concert , as I was trudging back from work,I was duly greeted by SP and NP who were at the front door poised for a sprint.
Me: "But I told you guys I had the key! Why didn't you leave?"
SP and NP:" Lock the doors , DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR FOR STRANGERS, Peep before you speak etc etc"
Me:"Sigh.Ok..Shooo now"

About 15 minutes later , I got an SMS.It was from SP.It was cryptic.It went "Hi".
I messaged her back wondering what in the world she could be up to "hiing" away in a concert.She replied with a "Flash message".
Did you know there was that option?? I didn't!
I said I had received her flash message, but why wasn't she listening to the concert and why was was fidgeting around with her cell.
She replied "^^^^^^^".
What?? I said."^^^^^^^" came the reply.
I gave up and called her."Hullo" she whispered sinisterly." Ma , what did you say"
"ooohh !" she said sounding extremely kicked." I sent you a message in tamil , did you get it?"
"Ma , does Appa know you're not listening to his precious concert?"
"Yes , he is now replying to my messages in tamil.Do you want to speak to him??Also , please come and pick me up in 10 minutes..Bye ..!"

Of late , my Dad sends me flash messages from the concert.SP has convinced him that the concert is an audio only concert , and the hands could do with some exercise.

Lord , save me.

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