31 January 2008

Partners in Crime


There’s a new couple at work . Lets call them Ms Coochie Coo and Mr. Ravana. Coochie Coo is coochie coo ‘cause she’s extremely pretty and she has guys wrapped around her Ujala white chiffon duppatta. Ravana walks like , well Ravana

Yes , you are right. Being in the software industry kills your grey cells (Not that that's a prerequisite for you to get in but oh well , the point is they get killed if they were present , you know , being in this pair of braces reminds me of the underpass that runs between platforms in the railway station , no , I don't mean it in the smell way, but the being in it way … choke time to get out ) Hmm … fresh air. Ok , so where were we? .Yeeees , CC and R have been spotted in various questionable circumstances , to elaborate , who in the world would take a flight of stairs from the Ground floor to the Basement? See? You’re thinking someone who works in the G Floor? N-Uuh! They both work in the floors above ! Tis the hour of twilight , tis the hour when Mata Caterers serve yesterdays Bhajjis as snacks , Tis the hour of moonlight ! All soft and still and fair!

Tis the time to coochiecoo under the stairway!

Remember that episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S in which Phoebe pretends she has a crush on Chandler ‘cause Chandler and Monica are hiding it from everybody else? Whats a serial if you don't imbibe something from it , eh? I ask of you

So now , SRC and I are giving Ravan a lot of coy smiles.

*Coy smile*


*Coy Smile*

It so happens that Ms CC is SRC’s car pool friend.

SRC: *Sweet Smile*

CC: *Sweeter Smile*

SRC:*Why isn’t she mad at me smile*

CC:*Guess who else watches F.R.I.E.N.D.S smile*


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