20 March 2008

This day , that day

Circa 1996

I belonged to a dance troupe called 'Drishti' , called so simply because it had the starting letters of everybody in the troupe.
There was a dance competition(amongst many others) that was being held at the Gymkhana at IISC.Then , IISC to me was just a painfully far away dance venue.It was the perfect day to bunk classes , get toasty inside a blanket and read a book.Instead, I was dressed in a light blue Lavani Saree and sitting in an auto to get to IISC. Make up et all.With a shawl covering whatever the Lavani saree didnt.And that, was saying quite a lot.
Picture this.Bangalore torrential rains , a short girl in a weird electric blue (which D had ensured was a lovely peacock blue) attire, sporting fake jasmine flowers(they're light on the head and pass off beautifully for the real ones) around an enormous fake hair bun and with a face that resembled Chandramukhi (the only difference being , it didn't go 'Ra Ra..').You'd think the horror show would end there.No it didn't.When the apparition got down from the auto in front of IISC , it had blue coloured rain water dripping at its feet, the bun had taken a walk sideways(much like Narada's) , and the face looked more like Chandramakhi now than ever.
Anyway , coming back to the purpose of the post , our group was asked to be seated in the front rows to await our turn.A singing competition was going on.It was then that I saw him.Err , didn't I mention it? That HE was the purpose of this long winded post?Tch Tch,well , now you know.
He strode over to the mike and began singing "Rim Jhim Gire Saawan .." from the Amitabh starrer Manzil.All of 6 feet , tall dark and handsome.Not Amitabh , HIM.And he also sang like no man's business.
It was our turn to perform.The stage was in darkness , we took our positions and the lights came on.The familiar song started playing.And my bun fell.IT FELL.In front of thousands of hooting hooligans.Most importantly , in front of HIM.I composed myself as the rest of Dhrishti cast worried glances at me , wondering if they should stop dancing or if I would stop yanking at my hair first.I did.I bunched up my hair into a high rise pony , and danced.Albeit shakily.
Today , on my way to work , I remembered all this.Because the morning looked cloudy and romantic , and there was 'Kabhie Kabhie mere dil mein' playing in my iPod.

PS: I wonder where he is now.Married?.A father?


10 March 2008

This day


One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song,read a good poem, see a fine picture and, if possible, speak a few reasonable words.

-Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

Today is an ordinary day. And that is the best part.

Right at this moment , I have BSNL sending me a cryptic message , for the 10th time that the PillPopper sent 3 days ago.It goes “if u can get one kg each of potapotato onion and tomato”. Yes very mother-daughterly , almost poetic.This is the poem part of the quote.

I went to Jyothi , our kind Insurance Rep to claim Pillpoppers dental bills.The claim needs a letter from the doctor.So enter Pillpopper the English Teacher.The letter reads thus “ This is to certify that Pillpopper had a fall due to which she suffered severe mental trauma because her tooth fell out(40 years back when her brother pushed her!And it didnt fall out , it weakened!).This is the reason why I have prescribed a bridge for her teeth ..” It has been duly signed by the dentist to whom this might as well have been a plea to write his rather large stretch of property in the PPP’s name , how else could he have missed out on the trauma part , I fail to understand! PPP in her hurry to make best use of the company’s reimbursement policy had faithfully attached two homoeopathy bills.

They read

Kali Bich for sour throt

Acid Nitrate for hasthma problems


30 Rupees only/- (An avid cheque writer, our friend)

Kind Jyothi peered into the bills , giggled and placed a cute little finger at the Kali Bich part. “We don't reimburse Homoeo bills Seren , Mummyji ko bol do”

This morning, when my Sister made her usual 7 Am call, I ranted to her about marriage, work and such-like. She decided that the marriage part of the rant could be worked on today. The first mail in my Inbox was from Minu (I write her nickname ‘cause I didn't think referring to her as a random M would be fair).She had taken time from her busy schedule (that would include cooking , cleaning , packing off her daughter to school and then getting into work ) to write to me a long , lovely, warm mail.

To quote from the mail ,

I think that is all I can think of. Do note one thing though - there is no such thing as a perfect anything. Perfect parents, perfect friend, perfect marriage .. they are all good in books and movies, I am yet to see one in real life and that imperfection itself may be the one that makes life worth living”


I certainly understand that if you think marriage is a challenge and there is no need to get into a challenge right now, but, just because it is one, maybe you shouldn't shy away from it. It definitely comes with a lot more than just challenges

All I can say is Thank You :), you didn't really have to, but you did. :).This is the reasonable words part of the quote.

To Quote a chat :

SRC says:
thrs this korean chap / girl by name 'MyeongSoo Choi'
RM says:bah
RM says:is she the one screeching on the speaker?
SRC says:wait, thats not all, his/her email id is..
SRC says:oh no that is from a different team
SRC says:'imustdo@yy.com'
RM says::D
RM says:hehehhee
RM says:what fun to be at lg
SRC says:and msn id is 'choimustdo@xx.com'
RM says::D
RM says:heheheheheheheh
SRC says:if i had to choose email if i'd choose 'LadyShirsha'
SRC says:wat'd u choose?
RM says:ummm
RM says:iwontdo@lg-nortel


Every day is a little life, and our whole life is but a day repeated

- Bishop Hall


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