28 September 2008

Sunday funday

Yesterday , Appa had gone out of town to visit his cousin.That meant Amma and I were going to have an MTR breakfast -probably the only time Amma doesn't drag herself on a walk , she zips across Lalbagh to reach MTR at lightning speed before the rava idlies and dosas get sold out.
I , on the other hand achieved a new milestone.I took the car to the gym.At 8:30 AM.Then , I circled the area around the gym 351 times before I found what I thought would be the ideal place for me to park.In front of a temple.It was already 9:13 AM.I walked 2 Kms to reach the gym. I had just started jogging on the treadmill when I wondered if
1) I had locked the car
2) If I had left the window open and/or locked the car
3) If some random pervert had scratched my car/broken the mirror/hit my bumper/had gained access into the car and was waiting to jump at me.
4) If I had parked under a coconut tree.

I ran back to find the lil fella standing innocently, with his hind part tending towards the foot path and the front gaping at the middle of the road.Hmm.. next milestone would be to learn parking proportionately.Not as if I had had a random urge to switch off ignition and run away.Hmmm..

Towards noon , the mithaiwaala instincts in Amma and me were aroused.We decided to make 'Shahi Tukda'. Off I trotted to get full cream milk and bread.I placed my order and while I was waiting , a woman holding a baby came in accompanied by another lady.The baby started wailing and pointing towards an ice-cream cart when suddenly the other lady made a sweeping gesture and hid her purse while saying to the baby
'Oh look , that pigeon took away my purse , how can I buy you your ice cream now?'
The baby looked at her very suspiciously and then at the poor pigeon.Then , it looked at me to make sure.I didn't want to lie to the baby , so I grinned and touched its cheeks.
So now , the poor baby thinks all pigeons are thieves.Such a sad lesson for the baby to learn ,no?
BANG , 3 years later truth will suddenly dawn on the baby and I just hope sweeping-purse-lady will not be around to face the music.Hmmmm...

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