25 February 2010


About a couple of months back , I heard a song on the radio while driving back home.The song I thought was simply beautiful , the voice especially.I made a mental note of some of the lyrics so I could get home and google it up.In vain , advanced search , "I'm not feeling lucky" yeilded the same result.String not found.

A couple of days more , and the lyrics grew hazier.. "Maleya Bindu..?" "maleya Indu?" .. was there a male(rain :D) at all I wondered.Me being me , I resorted to Plan #2:Bug the friends out.Hi Aksa , you know there's this song..which goes alalallala maleya(I/B)indu? Aksa:Hmm..No..Will call you later ...boss breathing down my neck.Sigh ok.
Vi: Maleya what? Is it Indu or Bindu???
Me:!!!!!!(I knew I could count on Vi!!!!)So which song is it????
Vi:First time I'm hearing it.But if you tell me exactly , I will launch on a five day plan and find it for you
Me: !!!
NGupta:What is this malea yaar
TR: Illayarajava??

Sigh. I gave up finally , if I'm destined to find it , I will I thought.Good Grief , Amma is rubbing off on me.

And I heard it again today while driving back .. on 92.7 and it was Bindu and maleya and appiko and kusuma and and oh the green light.I muttered the words over and over again.In the worst case , i will call up RJ Rohith today wonly and find out.And die in peace.I googled yet again.And NO RESULT.So what I did? I went to English to Kannada translation and googled in Kannada "ಒಂದು ನಿರ್ಮಲ ಮಳೆಯ ಬಿಂದು" and found it.
Happa.Now I wilt die in piece.

Shubha Raatri.

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