29 November 2007

Travel Tales


Ok , just returned from a week long trip to Delhi Agra and Jaipur and my ! was it good or was it good ! I'll probably bore you with a detailed account of each place I visited and what hit me most while being there in another post, Ok? Not ok ? Well , you've no choice 'cause you don't have my password , so there!

Some " Did you knows"
Did you know..

1. That Delhi isn't like Bangalore ? Well Duh , I mean like no one wakes up before 11 and there is no concept of a Darshini ! People eat bread toast an chai from the road-side vendor who sports an oil tin for a seat!!

2. That its very normal for a man to be carrying 5 buffaloes in an open cart , and casually lift up its tail so that the buffalo can attend to its nature call? I mean the nature call of the waterfall kind...
I wondered why he would want to do that ,is it to prevent the.. err waterfall remains from slapping merrily against him ? hmm ..

3. A snake charmer who's traveling alone has no choice but to hold his snake firmly at a feet's distance while he attends to his nature call. I mean what else could he do?Ask of a stranger "Here , could you hold this for a while?" No NO! Hold it calmly and do whatever!

Driver time tales

We'd hired a car to take us from Delhi to Agra and Jaipur , and the driver gave us some laughs!

1. My mother was "mataji" and Altoid and I were "sister" and my Dad was "Daddyji". So that makes him our brother. Our brother Pappu.
2.He would referring to a "construction" (and trust me there were quite a lot of them in Delhi)
as a "contraction" , and it used to send a mixture of pain and laughter through us every time he said that!
3.While we were passing through a set of houses in the outskirts , he casually informed us (in the tourist guide style) that " Yelloji , this is a red light area". And I heard it as the "red alert area" and I started quizzing him " Pappuji , what happened over here? Is there a curfew??" . All this while the mataji pictured me with a noose around my neck..
4. My Dad would fondly call him " Paapu".Total south indian ishtyle!

Tales from Firang ..

A foreigner asking the guard at Rajghat..
" Where is Gandhi?"
Mom(in the background , of course): " Turning in his grave"

You know you're missing home when...
1.When in the middle of Karol bagh , you jump at the sight of a Udupi restaurant and you clamber inside to taste a Vada and coffee that you haven't had in what seems like light years! And you look happily at the steel tumblers and plates and the CHUTNEY!

2. You are walking along in Karol Bagh and a weary southie voice behind you says " Bhaisaab , where is Udupi?" And Altoid jumps from somewhere and beams at the man and says kindly (I understand your pain types) " Go left"

Additionally , I was reading Indu Sundaresan's " Feast Of Roses" , a sequel to the "Twentieth Wife" , a tale about Nur Jahan while on the trip , it added that final touch to the trip , the pleasure of standing on the very same spot that the Emperor and his Empress had perhaps walked 600 years ago is just about priceless..

21 November 2007

Weird me


HHG has tagged me to reveal 7 weird things about me and to further tag seven people to continue the tag ,Here goes!

Ok this one extremely peculiar trait that I’ve noticed about myself.

Manager gives me an issue to debug at work

I pour and pour over documents , analysis files yadda yadda and something strikes.. this is the issue the brain says.. yes RM this is it.. and then I stop right there and go for a cup of coffee OR I go home , i.e I don't continue to check if the solution is right in which case I should’ve rejoiced nor do I prod along to see if I’m wrong , in which case I must’nt be going home.

Methinks its cause I’m scared it might be wrong in which case it was all a lost cause and I’d have to start from square one.

I have this incessant need to wash my hair every alternate day

Whenever my Mom/Dad/sis are traveling to/from India, I keep googling for the flight number to check..Just in case types. I’m totally paranoid about my family!

I love my birthday J I wait a whole year for it every year. And I always wonder if people would’ve bothered to remember, they DO! J

I walk weird; my right leg is always at 60 degrees to my left

Sometimes I like to throw myself challenges. I.e RM, if you can sprint and catch the lift just before the door shuts , then it means you will find the silver ear-ring you lost.

If the man on the bicycle ahead takes a right turn , Altoid will give her modal tee-shirt to you..

You get the drift...

I dislike odd numbers and I love the number 4!

Ok , now anybody who wants to take up this tag can!

13 November 2007

The world in a cube

My friend SRC has spent the last week trying to convince a russian that her name happens to be S , she even signs off as S in big black and bold. And yet somehow..

SRC :"Hi Rai (or Chatterjee?),
RM says: wow
RM says: she wrote that?
SRC :very soon i'd rather sign off as Rai
SRC:a certain Cynthia watever!
SRC says:how mean wud it be if i replied to her and addressed her as 'Hi watever'
RM says:send her some abuses...
RMsays:"hi WTH"
SRC:she might not follow
SRC:she's russian i guess
RM says:send her a link
SRC:her designation is "Software Entwicklungsingenieur"
RM says:if shes that dumb mebbe u shudnt mail her queries?

A little while later SRC mailed an almost diabetic mail that went "Dear Cynthia... Just to clarify.."

Yeah yeah , we Indians are adaptable and never take offense and all that ... little do people know what conspires on the IM...

11 November 2007

oh so sigh!


Cool "Reebok Dance" RM gave her heart to = 600 Rs (Yes , yes Gulp)

A cool book the sister recommended = 300 Rs

A cool non fruity non flowery non girly but "Hmmm oh so fresh n tangy" perfume = 500 Rs

All this bought thanks to a "Diwali gift Voucher" from hamara company shtrongesht = Summation of all above.

The feeling of dread which overpowers all the above positives of hamara company shtrongesht on a Sunday night = Priceless


07 November 2007

Happy Diwali..!


Here's wishing a very happy and a prosperous Diwali to everybody :)

May every one of your whim /fancy/crazy idea/most bizarre thought come true !

Leaving you off with a favorite poem of mine
(one of the very few I've read)

Lead, kindly Light, amid th’encircling gloom, lead Thou me on!
The night is dark, and I am far from home; lead Thou me on!
Keep Thou my feet; I do not ask to see
The distant scene; one step enough for me.

I was not ever thus, nor prayed that Thou shouldst lead me on;
I loved to choose and see my path; but now lead Thou me on!
I loved the garish day, and, spite of fears,
Pride ruled my will. Remember not past years!

So long Thy power hath blest me, sure it still will lead me on.
O’er moor and fen, o’er crag and torrent, till the night is gone,
And with the morn those angel faces smile, which I
Have loved long since, and lost awhile!

Meantime, along the narrow rugged path, Thyself hast trod,
Lead, Savior, lead me home in childlike faith, home to my God.
To rest forever after earthly strife
In the calm light of everlasting life.

-John New­man

PS : The diya always reminds me of my principal at school.She always used to say "Lead your life like a flame , look upwards and always try to ward off darkness" :).

05 November 2007

Sound of music

6:15 AM: *ZZzzZZ*

Sounds from the wash stand:"Splash splash , tweeka tweeeka brush brush"


RM:(glaring hard at the ceiling)" Appa?"


RM:"Never mind , am up anyway!"

Some other day,

4:11 AM:* zzzZZ dream dream*

Sounds from the kitchen

"BANG clang scrub bang "

"Ting ting ting ting"

RM:*Looks at the ceiling*


Mom:*Sing song voice from the kitchen* " Oooh did I wake you?"

RM:"No no , I'm still dreaming"

Mom:" Early morning sarcasm eh , hehe"

RM: " WHAT are you doing at this hour? Is it that Kanu festival today?"

Mom:*bang bang clang* "I slept in the afternoon yesterday and I couldn't sleep at all in the night , so I thought I would finish up with the cooking and call Kedar earlier so that I could finish up with the tuition as well"

RM:"Ok , open the front door , I'll sleep in the garden"

Sometime during mid December

1:05 AM

*Har dil jo pyaar karega woh gaana gayegaa*


Altoid:*Switching channels*" Ooooh goodie , you're up!"

RM:" I'm not UP! I've been WOKEN up!"

Altoid : *Nods* " You know , its been ages since I saw these geet mala kind of songs"

RM:"Really now, tch tch!!!!"

Altoid:"And did I tell you ? Remember that visit to someamericansoundingmuseum? I sent you the pics?"

RM:"No , you send me pictures of paintings , flowers , buildings , so I don't remember which one. Now , if you'd told me remember that photo of me in the brown spanish skirt , THEN I MIGHT remember "

RM:" Hello?"

Altoid: *ZZzzzz*

RM goes to the wash stand

*Splash splash , tweeka tweeeka brush brush*

The first scene repeated this morning , and I resigned gracefully to fate and woke up.


RM:" What do you want?"

Mom:"Be more courteous to your elders and how did you know I wanted something?"


Mom:" Yesterday , I asked GuruRaghavendra grocery guy to give me some cardboard boxes"


Mom:" And he gave me some"

RM:" Err.. so what's the problem"

Mom:" They all read TANGY CHICKEN noodles"

RM:" That were once there? Hmm..."

Mom:*Troubled face* " I don't like to keep them , I know you would think it very old fashioned ..but"

RM:" Yeah Ma , I understand , I wouldn't want to keep them either somehow"

Mom:*Bustles away beaming*

Sounds from the verandah

Dad:"Hmmm one more accident"

Mom:" Yesterday , I asked GuruRaghavendra grocery guy to give me some cardboard boxes"

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