16 December 2009

Happy Birthday .. to me!

12:00 AM: An sms from first best friend Suppi wishing me a very happy birthday :)
Mom whispering loudly to Altoid(Who is here for her annual vacation)"Is it 12 yet?"
Altoid:*Matter of fact tone* "No , its 1:30"
Mom:"Oh no!!! We missed midnight! .. I will wake your Dad up.."
I pretended to be fast asleep and shut my eyes tighter lest I stole their thunder.
By this time , my Mom had successfully prodded my Dad in the stomach to wake him up.
Dad:*Who had taken his rehearsals from the previous night a tad too seriously*
" Happy Birthday to you ....."*sing song voice*
Mom:"Hushhhhh... Its me!"
Mom:" Come.. we will get the cake"
Dad:*Eyes shining* "Cake!"
The next thing i see hear is my Dad brandishing a cake with a candle atop it.
*Happy Birthday to youuuu ...* yes I definitely know where I get my out of tune singing from.

Mom emerged victoriously with two jewel boxes.

*Flashback start*
Yesterday, sometime in the afternoon , Dad had mysteriously entered the room and grunted even more mysteriously to Mom.
Dad:" Your old school colleague Mrs SK has come" (Like he was reading out a herald)
Mom: "Who??"
Dad:*Glares hard and grunts even harder*
Mom:*Light dawns..30 years of living together had to get them somewhere*
Alto: *giggle*
Me to Alto: "Is that the jeweler?"
Alto*Very helpfully* "When?"
*Flashback End*

Me:"Ma? You guys got me jewelery? Who knew!"

And that my dear friends is the story each time!

Jesus Christ from the old company called, strange thing with him being , we never talk to each other the entire year !Messages from unknown numbers are quite embarrassing.Like the one that went "Someone above loves you , someone below cares for you .. Happy Budday" it went.Turned out to be a colleague who is very nice, of course I am going to be nicer to him from today.I love everybody who remembers my budday.

I love my budday.

Happy Budday to me


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