16 May 2010


Yet another SRC post , for the lack of anything better to say.Maybe you guys could tell me what to post about next? What say ? :)

Meanwhile ,here goes yet another post-lunch conversation with SRC ..

Seren:bhams is wearing lemon green(Bhams==Manager)
SRC:yeah bhams wore something interesting yest also
SRC:bhams has a new person in his life i think
Seren:Life begins at 50..
Seren:whenever i type a doubt in google
Seren:like say , "how do i share memory between two cores"
Seren:google gives me a drop down menu with
Seren:"how do i get pregnant"!?
Seren:"How did i GET pregnant" !?
SRC:ppl grep for that!?
Seren:u type how and u get it
SRC:i got options like 'how do i know am pregnant'
SRC:yes i saw
SRC:apparently they r the most searched for options,so if we search for 'how do i share mem between cores' about a hundred times each day, its priority might rise a bit and a week later it might show up in the list in the 8/9 position
Seren:You think? :D
Seren:Then we could overthrow this person who thinks "how" is synonymous with pregnancy..
Seren:Hey ..do you think we could apply for a patent with this idea..come!lets call that arora woman who does the patent thing!!
SRC :The one whose car u scratched?
Seren :Focus , please

The company's share prices are currently 2.54$ , this might be why you think?

2 scribbled back to “igoogle”

  • Tuesday, May 25, 2010 3:58:00 AM
    Usha says:

    hahaha. but when i type 'how' google suggests:
    'how do i tie a tie' and then 'how to kiss'. i get 'how to get pregnant' only at 5th place. does it know a menopusal woman from the touch? but then why suggestion # 2 I wonder. hmmmmmmm
    ya that share price suggests a strong linkage to the level of joblessness :)

  • Tuesday, May 25, 2010 11:53:00 PM
    Serendipity says:

    Usha:Are you sure? This is eating me up now. I typed how again and it said how did i get pregnant.Are u on google india? Are u Are u?? :D
    Ok ill stop now.Its at 2.46 today :D


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